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Mon 27 April 2015

Communication Tier

There are many ways you could contact people these days. Email, text, instant messenger, phone call, randomly call people in the middle of busy street. You name it. If you're updated enough (and by that I mean using internet), I believe you could be contacted using at least two of those I mentioned above.

But, how do we prioritize it? Surely contacting someone that you're having a baby won't be the same as contacting someone that you're cat is having a baby. I have some kind of communication tier that prioritize the ways you could contact me.

So here's it, ordered from least urgent, to most urgent:

  1. twitter
    I don't check twitter regularly. Sometimes it could be couple a day, another time I check like once in two days. If you want really want my response, I won't suggest you contact me using this channel. DM might work as it will send email, but I don't always get DM emails, so don't rely to much on it.

  2. email
    I only check my email 2-3 times a day. If you could wait 1-2 days before you get any response from me, email is the best way. I will always try to reply emails, so if I haven't replied you email in 3 days, you could resend it just fine.

  3. whatsapp/skype/hangout
    I use them because everybody's using them, so I generally available on those platforms. I don't turn any notification on my phone though. I will usually response in few hours, depending on how often I check my phone. If you think you could wait up to 12 hours, go ahead.

  4. telegram
    I love this service because it's fast and it has clients in many platforms. If I'm not busy, I will response immediately, otherwise, it'll be couple hours if I'm in the zone. And I have the notification turned on for this app, because I only communicate with 5 people in this app, so it's not many.

  5. text/imessage
    This one actually stands on the same level with telegram, but if you could send me text with blue bubble, feel free to send it using this instead of telegram.

  6. phone call
    Please only use this if you want my response at that time. I answer calls most of the time (if I'm not on meeting), so please don't call for something I won't accept, like credit card offer or something like that. You'll go to blocked list instantly if you do that.

I'm not suggesting I'm so busy that you should contact me accordingly. The fact is I'm not busy at all. I'm working from home, so I could finish my daily job and have a lot of free time. I'm just showing that I have reason why I haven't replied your emails or messages. Sending 2 emails in the range of 1 hour because I haven't replied it yet won't help.

If you have any comment, mention me @kriwil.