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  1. How To Download Firefox Without IE

    European won't get Internet Explorer (IE) in Windows 7. So, how could we download Mozilla Firefox?

    Use FTP. Seriously.

    1. Type ftp in Run window (Start -> Run), then click OK
    2. enter anonymous as username, and your email address as password
    3. Once verified, type cd pub/
    4. By default, you want to type cd en-US. If you want to use other language, type ls and pick any language you want
    5. Type ls to see the latest firefox release. You're looking for a filename with .exe in the end. Right now it's Firefox Setup 3.0.11.exe
    6. You might want to type lcd Desktop to change your local directory to desktop, so the file you're going to download will be put there
    7. Type binary to make sure you'll get binary file
    8. Now, type the file, get "Firefox Setup 3.0.11.exe"
    9. Wait until it's finished, then type quit
    10. Install firefox, and have fun!

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    — 20090615 – aldi —
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