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aldiantoro nugroho. @kriwil. indonesia. part-time programmer. full-time dreamer. elm. linux. ubuntu. python. django. vim. indiana pacers. manchester united. random.

  1. (Not) Done!

    Yes. Yet another new design. After some unfinshed ideas, I finnally create (not yet) finished design for this blog. I hope this design could stay as long as possible. You're right, I need to think about the content right now. It'll suck if all my posts is about me changing this blog design. Any idea?

    Anyway, as all my previous designs, this design is inspired by others'. I can't mention which ones, since I don't remember. Credit to them :) But one thing I remember is my title and comment count position are inspired by Rifie's blog.

    — 20071214 – aldi —
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