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  1. Phat Family Anthem

    Akhir-akhir ini gw lagi suka nih sama Phat Family Anthem, ngga tau kenapa. Lagi pengen dengerin aja :) Btw, ada yang bisa bagian ini ngga?

    Ohhhh noooo ... (No, No, No)
    You better be ready for now
    Coz MOB's coming for ya
    Holla at me
    If you wanna battle (battle)

    As I running into the club
    Give it up just stop
    Don't think you're on top
    Gotta be the one
    Who's making it pop
    Telling you a bit about
    That's how we roll

    Gotta stick to the plan
    Caught a chick do that thang
    Better keep to my slang
    Got a gig to be hang
    Rather be with my friends
    Got you sick when I sang
    Would you stick to my fang
    Bet you flip I say so

    Better be prepared
    With a red carpet
    Gotta move my steps
    Taking off your hat
    Show me some respect
    Doing as I said
    Everything's the fact
    Flip that and so we roll

    TOB dah kalo bisa, lidah gw sampe keiket ngikutinnya ... huhuhuhu ...

    — 20040906 – aldi —
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