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  1. Simplicity Rules

    I always love simplicity and usability. I prefer gnome over KDE for simplicity reason ... and sentimental reason :P I'm a big gnome fans since gnome 1.4 :D I use [epiphany]( as my main browser. [Firefox]( is used when I need to check my web design using [Web Developer]( addons.

    So, when it comes to opitimize my desktop, simplicity and usability are my main concerns. I use [Avant Window Navigator]( to manage my applications I'm using. This kind of dock is one of things I like from OSX. I use simple but beautiful wallpaper. I remove icons from my menubar, so it only has text in it.

    Enough talking, I have to go. Enjoy my desktop screenshot, and have a nice day.

    desktop-20071130 desktop-20071130-2

    — 20071129 – aldi —
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