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Mon 21 September 2015

Working While Standing, A Year Later ...

Last August marks 1 year I work by standing. And I'm still rocking it ...

It's started when was in Bali for work. I was wanted to try standing while working. People said it's good, so I just had to try it.

The first week was pretty painful for my leg. While sitting for long hours is not good, standing for long hours isn't comfortable either. I found out that I had to move (walk, sit, or dance -- not that I ever did that, not in public) for few minutes every couple hours, to relax my leg.

The second week was better. The pain was gone gradually, and sometimes I forgot that I've been standing for hours (although, that could the the workload talking :P). By the end of the second week, I was convinced that I should build standing environment at home.

So I did. Originally, I just stacked few big boxes to put my keyboard and my monitor. Later I bought small open cabinet from ACE to put my keyboard and monitor. I still want to have real standing table. VARIDESK looks good. Too bad they don't ship to Indonesia. Custom built probably my best bet for this kind of thing.

If I have to count, on busy day, I stand for probably 7-8 hours a day. I do rest every few hours. Usually on sofa watching TV for 10-15 minutes. I still have small chair that I use when I want to deep-think about something. I found that sitting is better for that kind of activity.

So, couple tips from me if you want to have standing setup:

  • put a chair. good chair. or sofa. for thinking had stuff, sitting is better. also, you need to sit every few hours.
  • do not stand directly on hard surface. after few hours, your sole will hurt. I use thick mats for this.
  • the first few weeks will hurt. just bear with it. it gets better.

I still want to have good sitting chair (for games, obviously).

If you have any comment, mention me @kriwil.