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  1. Taking Break is Fun

    I love coding. It's fun. I code for fun. My best way to spend free time (aside from spending time with family, of course) is to code something. It could be anything. I'd never thought that I need another way to relax.

    Three days ago I took a break from computer stuff for couple days. I didn't check my email (this notification is still on though, just in case), IRC, feedly, I logged out from skype. Well I still opened twitter once in a while, but that's it. It was great. To not to thing about how to solve problems you have at work, what's the best way to do something, etc are very relaxing. I think I should do this more often.

    If you too enjoy your time at work and never tought of going away for vacation, you should try, at least once. You'll want to do more.

    — 20140918 – aldi —
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