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  1. About Dreams

    Ok, let's talk about dreams. I believe everybody has dreams. Or at least a dream. But, I also believe only few of us that are still pursuing those dreams. Why? Many things. We simple don't have any chances, we're not longer interested in those dreams anymore, we're happy with our lives now, and many more.

    I do have dreams. Lots of them. Oh yeah, I'm a full time dreamer. I dream about every little things. And I'm still pursuing them. Because I believe, live without dreams would be useless. I mean, what's the point living your life without having goals? It's like walking without any destination.

    One of my dream is to travel around the world. There are around 200 countries in this planet [citation needed], why should we live in only one of them? I want to go north, south, east, west. I realize, traveling around the world costs money. Lots of them. That's why, I figured, the cheapest (though not the easiest) way to do that is to find a job in those countries. Yes it's not easy, but it's possible. And i'm doing it now (well, still trying to do it). Right now, I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But, I could be somewhere else 2-3 years from now. Of course it's also possible that I could be in Indonesia, but hey, that is what interesting in pursuing dreams. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we failed. We'll see.

    I have many more dreams. I'll talk about it when I'm on the right track pursuing those.

    I'm 27 today. A friend asked me about how I see my age, whether I think I'm already 27, or I'm just 27. Well, I'm already 27, and I'm just 27. While I believe I should/could have done many more, I alse believe I still could do many more. Yes, maybe I wasted few years during college time, but I also gained a lot of things during those time. What I am today is because what I did in the past. And today, I'm happy about everything in my life. Things happen for a reason.

    Dreams know no age limit. The only limitation is our will on pursuing them. So, enjoy life! :)

    — 20110813 – aldi —
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