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Wed 01 April 2015

The Podcast Renaissance

Podcast is back! Well sort of. It never went away anyway. But sure it gets more popular.

So, what is podcast? Quoting wikipedia:

A podcast is a digital medium that consists of an episodic series of audio, video, digital radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed on-line to a computer or mobile device.

I often use audio blog or video blog to explain what podcast is. After all, people know what blog is.

I won't tell you about the history of podcast. I don't know when the first podcast was released, or which the first podcast is. I'm not interested in learning that history. You should be able to google your way to find those information.

I'm here to tell you that you should listen to podcast. Especially if you're commuting. Especially if you're commuting for hours. Reading books is one of way to spend your commmuting time. But what if you're driving? I won't suggest reading books if you're driving your own vehicle. I might as well ask you to jump out of a cliff. So, listen to podcast instead.

What should you listen? For a start, try Hello Internet and Serial.

Hello Internet a generic tech/random stuff podcast, hosted by CGP Grey and Brady Haran. You'll enjoy it.

Serial is probably the most popular podcast in 2014. Before serial, podcast is probably listened only by internet geeks. But now it reaches more people. This is why Myke Hurley of Relay FM called it a podcast rennaissance in is talk, "How I became an Independent Podcaster". It is indeed the perfect time for you to start listen to podcast.

These are some podcasts I'm currently subcribing, in no particular order, excluding the two I mentioned above:

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