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Sat 17 September 2005

Tidak Sengaja Mengambil Seed Orang

Wah, gimana yah ... dibilang sengaja juga engga, soalnya gue ngeliatnya kan di ideas market. Jadi begitu gue ngeliat ada idea nganggur ya langsung gue ambil :D

Oiya, sebelumnya, ini tentang Blogshares :P Gue lupa ngasih tau :D

Dibilang engga sengaja juga engga sih, soalnya gue tau pasti dari jumlahnya (500 atau 1000) itu pasti seed orang. Tapi daripada diambil orang lain :P

Dari dua kali ngambil seed orang, gue dapet dua respon yang berbeda.

Yang pertama:

Hi! I was raiding Marvel and my computer experienced a slowdown so it took me about 14 seconds to complete the seed and raid. In those seconds you picked up the remaining shares (340) from my 500 seed. You got them fair and square, but I was wondering if I could by them back from you for B$38.5B which is close to 1.5B more than you bought them for. I only possessed those 500 and it will be difficult to get replacements. Let me know what you think. Kitty

Respon gue? ya gue balikin aja, soalnya emang masih jauh dari bisa bikin artefaknya, jadi ngga rugi kok kalo gue bailikin :)

Beda orang, beda respon, yang kedua:

That wasn't very nice. :(

Accordion Idea Trading History

Gue bales:

I just buy what I see, nothing wrong with that ;)

Eeeh, diomelin :P

I don't completely agree with that statement. Is purchasing another player's seed legal? Absolutely. Is purchasing another player's seed common and part of the game? Absolutely. Does the burden of risk fall on the player who seeded their ideas? Absolutely. Does purchasing another player's seed fall into the category of "fair play?" I think so.

But I think you'll find that if you don't allow players to buy back their seed when requested, you will quickly lose any past, present or future player-to-player relationship with that player. Essentially, you're precluding yourself from any future dealings with said player.

My strategy relating to other player's seeds, along with a number of other players that I have come in contact with, is to:

  1. As a whole, avoid purchasing other player's seeded ideas.
  2. If accidently picking up a player's seed, return the ideas at no cost when asked.

I think you'll find that this strategy will aid in establishing solid player-to-player relationships. Solid player-to-player relationships aid me quite frequently and I'd have a difficult time without them.

There are also many players that choose not to return seeded ideas. While I won't name any names, these players are relegated to having to play the game by themself without much help from other players. This isn't always a bad thing, but it definately hampers their ability to progress within the game. Anyway, have a good day.

Trus? ya gue bales lagi dong:

Wow, what a long message. I've never received this long before. Nice way of playing, anyway ;)

Since I play this just for fun, and not for the in-game wealth so that I can say like "hey look, I'm in top-50 ..." or "cool, now I'm in top-10!", I don't really hope I'll grow in this game. I just do what I can do, with or without help from others.

Wait a minute, "That wasn't very nice. :("
I don't see any "hi, you've bought my seed, can I get mine back? :)". It'll be much easier. Oh well, I guess it's a template for everyone who take the seeds, isn't it? :P All you need to do is just copy-paste-send (j/k)

Well, if you badly need those ideas, just tell me, I'll return to you. If you have yahoo messenger, contact me through groho101, I'll bond it, without any cost ... at all.

thanks for your attentions :)

Dan akhirnya ...


If you took offense to my original message, I apologize. I was disappointed that a very high valued industry was purchased prior to my raid, thus losing both the ideas and the value acquired from the raid.

I am not concerned with getting the ideas back, it's fine, I have excess. The loss of value from the seed being swept up prior to my raid is what's disappointing. Anyway, hopefully you'll keep a lookout for other player's seeded ideas in the future and avoid purchasing them. Have a good day.

Ya ... begitulah ceritanya :D

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